Oct 9, 2013 Unplug every external device, except for the keyboard, monitor and power. Detach any DVD / CD drive and HDD. Also remove all RAM modules.... Jan 2, 2013 ... to work without display. I have updated BIOS to the latest revision, turned EFI boot on and off, juggled video settings but that had no effect.. Apr 1, 2017 Initially the display was rock solid. The problem is now the screen randomly stops displaying Windows desktop and shows a message about No.... Sep 20, 2020 BIO] - A. Use the recovery BIOS update to recover from this condition. It requires a USB flash device. The update process will take up to 3 minutes.. Feb 9, 2014 Still no signal. I'll have to go buy a mini hdmi cable today and test that. Come to think of it, my first post was a bit insufficient so here's my hardware.... At boot the device may not register as a screen (as it is USB-C) hence your need to plug the screen in directly via an HDMI port first to allow it to.... If I try to select the Boot loader part of the disk it just ends up at a blank screen. The Boot Manager appears to start Windows Loading but just.... Oct 16, 2017 I built my intel nuc about 3 years ago and installed open elec fine onto it. ... When booting the LibreELEC stick, do you get a syslinux prompt then a logo ... no logo just a few words at the top,flashing cursor then the tv screen... 538a28228e

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