Jun 6, 2019 The entropy or chaos curse: This spell increases the probability of harm to its target. The harm might range from bad luck to death, but the.... A Spell to Break a Curse This spell can only be used if the curse is placed on you specifically, not someone else or a place. It is important to realize that.... Jul 24, 2018 Are Hexes and Curses Real? For as long as humanity has been in exsistence, the ideology of magic, spells, voodoo, and other forms of energetic.... I used to be friends with someone who I once "rescued" from an "abusive" home (I've come to learn that this person never experienced any abuse). I. Feb 19, 2019 Please Use these spells with caution and your own discretion. Bless.. Feb 5, 2019 These jinx-breaking spells are simple and will remove any hex placed on you. If you feel crossed, use these rituals so you can feel happiness.... Jul 19, 2016 Then repeat with a cleansing herb selection. Incense made with or using the scent of hex-breaking herbs will also work. 2 Living Water. Water... 538a28228e

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