Jan 16, 2007 Do not know if driveshaft bolt's up or if they share the same Guibos. Driveshafts are different so are the slave cylinders etc. Also some.... Yes, the transmission "end" of the left side axle is completely different from the transmission "end" on the right side.. Mar 27, 2014 It's no different with car enthusiasts. For all the areas in which automobiles have improvedsafety, performance, efficiency, reliabilitythey.... Jan 10, 2009 I'm curious about the differences of the manual 3 pedal gearbox ... Regardless, I really miss the Getrag unit that was found in the E46 M3.. Apr 22, 2020 The next two options feature a different bell housing as they came standard ... went to a rubber guibo and then to a BMW 2-piece driveshaft.. May 26, 2019 The shifter parts are different, and the driveshaft is 20mm longer with the N55 trans (although the slip yoke between the two driveshaft.... Dec 29, 2013 ... manual & auto are the same, I know they are different on the 330d ... Exhaust out first, Search e46 prop donut replacement on YouTube.. Jul 10, 2019 This is to compensate for the difference in the lengths of the transmission. ... N55 driveshaft is on top and the N54 on bottom. 219d99c93a

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